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Launching GigSquad

Today we launched - it’s a recruiting platform for peer collaboration! GigSquad enables people to source talent directly from communities, social networks, and in-person events. Think Calendly, but for team formation. Here’s a little bit more about why we built it…

The corporate 9-to-5 is on its way out. Now small groups of people equipped with the right technologies can outmatch large, unagile organizations. Soon gigs will become more common than jobs, and projects mightier than companies.

But this isn’t a reality yet. The Gig economy today is only a fraction of what it could be. Just look on freelance platforms like Upwork and see that hundreds of thousands of people offer the same services as one another. Flooding the market with supply has only commoditized creative work and reduced what people can charge. This is why earning a living from Gig work is still not possible for the vast majority of people.

One way for Gig workers to differentiate is to join forces and leverage each other’s complementary skill sets to produce higher-value things. Forming such a team can instantly put you in in a position to deliver products that no one else can. But spreading your idea and recruiting the right people can be hard. This is where GigSquad comes in. In short, GigSquad helps you partner with, and launch Gigs, with other talented humans.

A “GigSquad” is a group of peers - with complementary skill sets - who collaborate on a project with one another. GigSquads build products and services, and sometimes even become startups. But GigSquads are not just for entrepreneurs and side-hustlers. Companies and Nonprofits use GigSquad to spin-up teams internally. GigSquad can even be used by family and friends to coordinate activities with each other.